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Top 10 Common Boiler Problems

December 19, 2021 7:07 am
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Boilers are one of the most important home appliances in the UK. And they are  expected to work efficiently all the time, especially when you are someone who loves its hot & warm showers without a miss. However, being a machine that works more or less continuously, there are chances that your boiler might get stuck sometimes with some technical problems which will cause real pain to you. But, you don’t need to worry about it! We are here to let you know about some of the most common boiler problems, using that you can troubleshoot and can take some of the crucial preliminary steps.
Just stick around till the end of this article to know about the most common boiler issues and how one can figure out the type of issue for technical reach outs.
So, Is your boiler not heating the water? Is it making some weird kind of noise? Or Is your boiler not turning on? Or something else.
If you are having any of the mentioned issues with your boiler, this is a perfect place for you to step in, as we got most of the boiler problems covered right here for you.
Top 10 Common Boiler Problems:- 

  • No heating or hot water
  • Boiler not responding to thermostat
  • Boiler Leaking Issues
  • Making weird noises
  • The Pilot light keeps switching off
  • Frozen condensate pipe
  • Radiators are cold
  • Low boiler pressure
  • Boiler is kettling
  • The Boiler keeps switching itself off

Follow the Troubleshooting techniques with the preliminary steps until you get a Boiler Repair Service!!
Let’s dig into each of these boiler issues one by one to understand their very solutions!

No heating or hot water

The primary function of a boiler is to provide you with hot water. But when it fails to do the same, it can be damn frustrating and inconvenient at the same time. But, after all, it is just a machine, and sometimes due to lack of proper maintenance and regular checkups, it might suffer from no heating or hot water problems.
It can happen due to a lot of factors. However, you can check the pressure gauge, thermostat, and motor valves of your boiler to see whether they are working fine or not. And, if they are working but still you are not getting hot water, then it’s time for you to contact an expert boiler technician.

Boiler not responding to thermostat

Sometimes it can happen that your boiler does not respond to the thermostat or you can see the boiler thermostat is not working.  For that, you can check the temperature on your thermostat.
It might be due to unintentional knocks that sometimes turn off. If your boiler thermostat settings are okay, then it’s better for you to contact professional boiler service to get your machine checked out.

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Boiler Leaking Issues

If your boiler is leaking, then there might be some factors responsible for that. This leaking issue might be because of a broken element of your boiler, such as seals or valves. Well, it could be due to corrosion too.
Therefore, if your boiler is leaking, it’s better for you to consult a boiler repair engineer right now, as it can resolve this issue as soon as possible, saving you from a lot of burnout in the longer run.

You can reach out to Repair Network for the best boiler repair services. Our expert technicians are well-versed with all the aspects of Boiler Repair and Installations.

Making weird noises

The most common reason for vibrating, banging, gurgling, or whistling noises from your boiler is air in the system. You can definitely try to adjust some settings like checking the connectors and bleeding the radiators to ensure that your boiler is no longer making weird noises
But, if your boiler is still making noises, then reaching out to a boiler engineer should be your first move to avoid even further destruction of your machine.
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Pilot light keeps switching off

The pilot light is a crucial element of a boiler, keeping the light constantly ON in the system. If the pilot light keeps going out in your boiler, then it is a sign of some severe hazard and it should not be ignored.
Check out the gas system of the boiler to ensure whether it is working properly or not, as it affects the thermocouple, which detects the temperature change in the pilot light and the errors in the same.
If everything is looking fine to you, then you might need to call an expert technician to get the work done.

Frozen condensate pipe

A Frozen condensate pipe can be a major contributing factor to the noises happening in your boiler. Sometimes what happens is that condensate pipes get frozen due to cold temperatures, generating noise in the pipes. When your boiler’s condensate pipe freezes, a fault code might appear on the screen, helping you to notice this issue instantly.
You can refer to some credible resources, be it manuals, videos, or templates for this boiler problem. Well, seeking out a boiler technician will always be a much better choice. 

Radiators are cold

If only a few parts of your radiators are operating or they are warming partially, the most likely cause for that is air in the central heating system. Try to bleed the radiators, but still when the issue persists, then your boiler might need flushing that can only be done by an expert boiler engineer.

Low boiler pressure

If the pressure gauge on your boiler reads less than one, you may have an issue with your boiler. One can look out for leaks in the system. And also try to re-pressurise the boiler. If you are completely naive to this whole thing, then calling some technical person can save you from a lot of unnecessary grit.
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Boiler is kettling

A build-up of sludge or scaly material impedes the water flow in your boiler, making it sound like a boiling kettle. It is one of the most common boiler problems in some areas due to the usage of hard water.

Boiler keeps switching itself off

If your boiler keeps switching off, then it could be a number of reasons, including a malfunctioning thermostat, lack of flow, or because of low water pressure.
You can check the pressure and thermostat. But calling an experienced boiler engineer would be a better option if you are someone entirely unaware of these technical matters.
The above discussed are the top common boiler problems one can possibly encounter in their day to day life, including some handy & quick takeaways for ease at your end.

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Wrapping Up:
Even if you have something out of all of these issues in your boiler or are not able to figure out what’s wrong with your machine, you can contact our Expert Boiler Engineers. Our boiler experts will reach you with necessary equipment for the service. And you won’t regret it for sure.
Every engineer of ours is Gas Safe registered and thoroughly competent to diagnose and repair any issues with your boiler. So, whether you are aware of the problem or not, you can schedule an appointment to diagnose the problem and get your boiler system healthy, fast, and running again!

By safeguarding your heating system or boiler with our effective maintenance and repair services, you will definitely favor your pocket and avoid stress in the long term. So, don’t wait and call us right away…
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