why is my boiler making noise

Why is my boiler making a noise?

December 16, 2021 6:23 pm
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We won’t pay much attention to our home appliances when they are working as they should. However, we become more interested in them when they start disrupting our lives.

You are here because your boiler is not working well. It’s making an unusual noise and you don’t know the root cause, right? The result is you are stuck with a noisy boiler.
Don’t worry. In this article, we will guide you through diagnosing your boiler problems. Follow these steps to find out why your boiler is making unusual noises.

Check where the noise is coming from

Knowing where the noise is coming from saves a lot of your time and may help you to diagnose the problem quickly. So, check whether the unusual noise is coming from the pipes, the heating system or the radiators.
If you can hear a creaking sound from pipes, it may just be the pipes changing temperature. If so, you don’t have to worry about that.

Look into boiler error codes

Your boiler may show error codes when it is not working correctly. These error codes can help you diagnose the problem. You can easily find these error codes and what they mean in the boiler manual, you can also get access to the boiler manual online.
Keep in mind that not every problem will generate an error code. So, you may need to investigate further.

What type of noise is your boiler making?

This is the next step in identifying the problem. If you give attention to what kind of noise your boiler is making, you may be able to fix it quickly. If so, you can get your boiler repaired and might not need to purchase a new one.
Some boilers make noise when switched off, when switched on some make a rattling noise and some make a noise like a kettle.
Here are some steps you can take to find out why your boiler is making these noises.

Boiler making rattling noises

The rattling noise your boiler is making results from trapped air in the pipework, low water pressure or a frozen condensate pipe. It is common to have a low rattling noise from your boiler, but if it is persistent and gets louder you need to pay attention. You can carry out some simple tasks to diagnose the problem.
Check the water pressure: If your boiler makes a rattling noise, pay close attention to the pressure gauge. Always refer to the manual to see the permissible limits. Usually, if your pressure gauge is showing pressure below 1 bar the pressure is too low.
Check if the system needs bleeding: If air is trapped in the system, you need to bleed the radiators, releasing the pressure. If you ignore the problem, it can lead a more complex issue.
Check for frozen pipes: Frozen pipes cause your boiler to make a rattling noise. You would be able to locate frozen pipes outside your house, and you can identify them because of the white overflow.
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Boiler making a vibrating noise

Your boiler may be making a vibrating noise for one or more of the following reasons:
Loose brackets that need tightening: See if there are any loose brackets. If there are, tighten them. If the problem still persists, have a Gas Safe Registered Engineer perform a boiler check.
Blocked air vent: Check for anything blocking the external pipe. If anything is blocking it, for example leaves, remove them with your hand. If there are any coverings don’t try to remove them with tools.
The problem is in the air filters: If your air filter is not working well, it can lead to a loud vibrating noise. See if your manual has anything that suggests cleaning it. Otherwise, don’t do it. Some things are best when left to professionals.
The circulating pump is too fast: The circulating pump circulates the water from your boiler to your radiators. If the circulating pump’s speed is too high, the boiler will make a vibrating noise. You can lower the speed to get rid of this problem.
Water pressure is too high: When the water temperature is too high, the pressure created or the water boiling causes your boiler to start making a vibrating noise. Look into your manual and set the temperature and/or pressure to the permissible limit.
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Boiler making banging noise

A faulty thermostat or a build-up of debris over the boiler’s heat exchanger can lead to your boiler making a loud banging noise. A power flush is required if there is a build-up of debris. A power flush helps removes the sludge from the system, which prevents blockages and improves the heating efficiency of your boiler.
Do not carry out the power flush yourself because you will need an expert to do that.
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Boiler making whistling noise

Is your boiler behaving more like a kettle than a boiler with its whistling and sounding like a kettle? The main cause of this is the accumulation of limescale on the boiler’s heat exchanger. This happens because of the high quantity of minerals such as calcium and magnesium that the water contains. Within the UK, some areas tend to have such a type of water called hard water.
The high quantity of calcium results in limescale accumulation, which is insoluble, on the heat exchangers. Due to this, the water flow is restricted, and water gets trapped in the heat exchanger. This affects the ability to heat the water smoothly. Because of this, the heat exchanger overheats, generates a large amount of steam which expands. The whistling noises are a result of this entire process.
Another reason why the boiler could make whistling noise is the debris piled up around the heat exchanger or a stuck pump that needs replacement.
“Kettling” reduces the efficiency of your boiler, which results in the boiler using more energy to reach the desired temperature level. This can increase your bills. Also, the overworking of your boiler affects its lifespan.
If your boiler is making any of the above noise and still facing issues after checking it, kindly contact us. Our expert engineers will investigate, diagnose and solve your problem a time of your convenience.
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