Repair Network - New solutions for unprecedented times

Repair Network was created with the sole intention of providing our customers with a nationwide domestic appliance repair service that is both fast and reliable. To do this, we employ a team of professional engineers who are determined to leave the customer with a lasting repair and a sense of satisfaction.

During these unprecedented times, everyone is facing a period of financial uncertainty as a result of the effects of the Pandemic on the economy. This is particularly worrying for those who are self-employed, as are a large number of our nationwide network of engineers. Despite the Government’s commitment to assist the self-employed, it is unlikely that the promised grants will be paid to the successful applicants before June. This potentially leaves the nation’s self-employed in dire straits until such time as the grants are paid. This is exasperated by the fact that the banks are not providing the business loans as readily or easily as was promised.

We realise that our engineers are the key to our continued success and, with this and the above in mind, we are implementing a new system for the management of our engineer network. The major benefit of the new system is that payments will be automated and there is the option to receive payment in around 20 minutes of approval of job complete. Typically, the industry standard payment terms are between 14 days and three months, from receipt of invoice, for work completed on behalf of another business. For many self-employed contractors such work accounts for in excess of 80% of their job volumes. From this, the considerable benefit of our system to our self-employed colleagues is evident and will clearly help to reduce cash-flow issues.

Our new system:

  • Enables a more rapid matching of an engineer to the job thereby providing a benefit to both the customer and the engineer.
  • Enables the engineer to submit evidence of the job complete before leaving the customer’s property. This alone increases the speed by which the job can be signed-off and the engineer be paid.
  • The engineer’s invoice is generated automatically, upon submission of job complete evidence, and immediately logged on our system.
  • Payments are automated and there is the option for the engineer to be paid in around 20 minutes following the job sign-off.

At Repair Network, we are committed to addressing the needs of our customers and the wellbeing of our engineers. Our new system facilitates these in the current unprecedented times.