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  • Parts and labour included
  • 12 month guarantee on our work
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Three reasons to get a repair with us

Trusted experts

If you find yourself in the middle of a gas boiler emergency, Repair Network is here to help.

We’ve amassed a network of highly qualified, experienced, and trusted engineers throughout the UK. They’re all just one call away, so if you’re having boiler troubles, get in touch and we’ll try our best to get you back about your day as swiftly as possible.

Further, all of our boiler repairs come with a one-year guarantee so you can be calm in the fact that, should anything else go wrong, we’ve got your back.

Easy booking

It’s easy to book a repair with our online form. All you have to do is fill in your details, then we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to arrange a time for one of our trusted engineers to come to you.

We have a network of engineers across the UK so no matter where you’re located, we’ll have your boiler fixed in a swift and efficient manner. Our aim is to minimise the stress of the situation for you, so you can get back about your day with little to no disruption.

Fixed price repairs

We offer a fixed price on all of our repairs, there are no hidden fees here. We prioritise your satisfaction when using our services, so we’re transparent and upfront with all of our costs.

If the appliance in your house that has broken down is irreparable, our qualified engineers will replace it so you always feel you’ve got great value for your money.

Our fixed price repairs include parts, labour, and call out charges. With our one-year guarantee, you can breathe easy and relax following the repair or replacement of your broken down appliance.

Boiler problems and repair advice

Guide to gas boiler servicing

A regular service will help your boiler to maintain a consistent, strong performance over many years.

Preventative maintenance such as servicing can help to save you lots of money in the long run. Not only can it save you money, but it will also expand the lifespan of your appliance and prevent the need for future breakdown assistance.

A boiler breakdown can occur out of the blue, with no signs it was coming. It can leave you frantically searching for money that you might not have to hand. That’s why regular servicing is so important.

How to fix a leaking boiler

There are steps you can take to make the job faster and easier for you and the engineer.

First, turn off your water supply and/or central heating system. The mess of a leaking boiler can be extremely costly if it isn’t tamed early on.

Then, clear the system. Your boiler will have some leftover water, draining this is as easy as putting the taps on until no more water is coming out.

Now, clean up the surrounding area of your boiler. This will significantly reduce any water damage that could occur.

That’s it! Just wait for our qualified engineer to arrive and your boiler will be fixed in no time.

A complete guide to boiler pressure

The pressure gauge on your boiler should not exceed two bars, whether it is heating up or not.

When your boiler isn’t heating up, a normal pressure will be anywhere from 1 to 1½ bars – with 1.3 being optimal.

It’s normal for the pressure gauge to increase when your boiler is heating up. However, the maximum rise you should expect to see is between 0.3 and 0.5 bars.

If your boiler is exceeding two bars of pressure then there could be a problem with some of the valves or parts inside.

Boiler Repair Questions and Answers

What Different Types of Boilers Are Available?

There are three types of boilers: Combi, heat-only, and system.
A combi system isn’t a great choice for larger households as hot water can only be used for one thing at a time.
Heat-only boilers are better suited for larger households, however, you will have to wait for hot water if it’s been used up.
System boilers are similar to heat-only boilers however they house their components inside, requiring less space - but are often more expensive.

How Often Should I Replace My Boiler?

A well serviced and maintained boiler can last you up to 15 years. Without regular servicing, however, your boiler’s performance is likely to diminish, increasing the likelihood of a breakdown.

How Often Should I Get My Boiler Serviced?

The manufacturer of your boiler will often offer a guideline. In general, though, 12 months is a good amount of time in between services. It gives your boiler enough time to work and potentially present any problems as it does so - without a full breakdown occurring.

Should I repair my boiler?

More often than not it’s cheaper to repair your boiler than fully replace it. Our expert engineers will always give you advice that you can rely on, they’ve got the experience to know when something is beyond worth repairing.

What do I do if my boiler isn't working?

Call Repair Network and we’ll have one of our qualified and experienced engineers en route to you as soon as we can. We’ve got engineers across the UK, so no matter where you are we can be with you swiftly.

My boiler is quite old, will you still repair it?

We can take a look at your boiler, however, we do suggest for repair that your appliance is under 7 years old as there is a short supply of parts for older models.

What happens if you cannot repair my boiler?

If our engineers are not able to repair your boiler an equivalent replacement model will be set up so that you’re not left without something so important to your home as your boiler. We always offer a no-fix no-fee policy.

What boilers do you repair?

We repair a wide range of boiler brands including, but not limited to, Indesit, Hotpoint, Bosch, Whirlpool and Beko.
If your boiler is over 7 years old, then it can be quite difficult to find the replacement parts needed as they are in short supply.

Do you repair oil-fuelled boilers?

Our engineers are highly qualified, with years of experience on a range of different types of boiler.
At Repair Network, we offer repairs and replacements for lots of different boiler brands including BAXI, BEKO, BIASI, BOSCH, Indesit, Hotpoint, and Whirlpool.

Do you repair LPG (bottled gas) powered boilers?

All of the engineers we hire across the UK are fully qualified, with lots of experience working with a variety of different boiler types.
We can repair and replace boiler brands such as Blomberg, Main, Miele, Indesit, Hotpoint, and Whirlpool.

Do you repair floor-standing boilers?

Repair Network Nationwide offers repair and replacement services for a wide range of boiler brands across the United Kingdom.
The trusted engineers we hire are experienced in working on a variety of different boiler types. Get in touch and see if we can help to fix your boiler.